Mismatched Sex Drive Course


This course discusses sexual profiles, relationship styles, and practical tips to help your sex drives get back on course.



Society tells us that we’re just supposed to know how to have sex. But, the truth is that sex, just like anything else – is a skill. It is something that you learn throughout life. Different people have different preferences and those preferences can change!

It is not uncommon for sex drives to ebb and flow and hit various peaks and valleys. This is a part of life, especially when you are in a long-term monogamous relationship! What I have learned is that most couples run into communication issues and don’t have the language to express want they want and need and fantasize about.

In my course you will learn about sexual profiles, relationship styles and will walk away with practical tips and knowledge to help your sex drives get back on course.

Have fun and always remember that sex is fun AND funny! Any sex coach will tell you that the people with the healthiest sex lives have a great sense of humor – and a ton of curiosity! Get ready to learn about each other!


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